Time Out recommends Grief Bacon!

Grief Bacon is a recommended show by Time Out New York! If Time Out says you should see something, you really should. Don’t you think? The show is Tuesday August 20th at 9:30PM at Joe’s Pub! You can get tickets right here. Please come. It’s never the same if you aren’t there.

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Bright Colors and Bold Patterns in Washington DC

Photo: Russ Rowland

Check out this article in Metro Weekly about Bright Colors being performed in Washington DC at the Studio Theatre. I will be doing the show until July 28th, so if you are in the nations capital in the next couple of weeks, come have a drink and see a funny show. If you are in DC at any time, you probably need a drink and to see a funny show, so I feel like I’m doing God’s work.

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Grief Bacon is back!

Grief Bacon comes back to Joe’s Pub August 20th at 9:30PM! Please come see this solo show. It’s funny, there are songs, and at one point I take my pants off. What more could you possibly want?!?! Here is the link to tickies baby! http://bit.ly/2YX2ouN

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Hercules with Public Works

I will be playing Panic in the Public Works live action world premiere of Disney’s “Hercules”. It is running 8/31-9/8 only! At the Delacourt theatre in Central Park. This is a collaboration with The Public Theatre and Disney and the director is Lear Debessonet and Roger Bart is playing Hades, so… it’s major! Tickets are available in the Shakespeare in the Park way! Here is a press release with side by side photos cause you know those are always fun. Bless my soul! http://www.playbill.com/article/check-out-the-cast-of-the-publics-hercules-adaptation

That’s me and my cartoon alter ego.
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Greta – Don’t take the Bait, baby.

I have a small role in this bonkers movie. I got to go to Ireland for 10 days to shoot this, so even if I am completely cut out of this thing, I WIN!!! Also, I had to physically restrain Isabelle Huppert and the stunt man told me, “Be careful you don’t hurt her mate, she’s a French legend.” I was so scared, but the joke was on me cause she could have taken so much more.

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Grief Bacon at Joe’s Pub.

The New York Times picked Grief Bacon as one of 5 shows to catch this weekend in New York City. You are legally obligated to listen to the New York Times’ recommendations. It is NY State Theatre Law 344 subsection 1! The show is sold out online, but there will be tickets at the theatre the night of – so come out to Joe’s Pub this Tuesday, January 29th at 9:30PM!

Photo by Jan Wandrag
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I am on the last season of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” dropping today on Netflix. I appear in the first episode of the season, as well as later on in the “sliding doors” episode. Wanna know something weird? I was in the Sliding Door’s episode of Broad City too. I’m a magic boy!

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Joe’s Pub solo debut!

I will be taking “Grief Bacon” to my dream venue this month! Joe’s Pub, home of every great downtown performer, will now be home to me for a night! Tickets are already selling well, so grab a seat now!

Get your tickets here: https://publictheater.org/Tickets/Calendar/PlayDetailsCollection/Joes-Pub/2019/Jeff-Hiller-Grief-Bacon/?SiteTheme=JoesPub

Photo by talented artist and good friend Moira O’Leary

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Set it Up!

I have a fun little role in “Set It Up” which is a delightful film on Netflix. I play a waiter which isn’t a stretch, but at least he shows his frustration, whereas when I waited tables, I just begged the customers to be my friend. I’ll save this stuff for therapy. Watch “Set it Up”!!!

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Bright Colors and Bold Patterns!

I had the great honor of replacing Drew Droege in his brilliant one person show, “Bright Colors and Bold Patterns” at the Soho Playhouse! I was interviewed by great people at TDF Stages, New/Now/Next, and Broadway.com which you can see right here!

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