Laughter Through Tears…

A podcast I made with Mark Sam Rosenthal over a year ago is finally seeing the light of day. Hearing the sound of day? I don’t know. Point is, you can listen to this podcast about the funny side of sad things in life. Our first season focuses on losing a parent. Check it out on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Somebody Somewhere

“Somebody Somewhere” airs this Sunday at 10:30pm EST on HBO and can be streamed on HBOMax anytime after that. It’s a wonderful show and I really hope you can tune in to see the pilot this Sunday and the first season that airs through February. Look at those baby corn growing in this picture. How could you NOT want to watch?

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Somebody, Somewhere on HBO

Somebody Somewhere will premiere on HBO on January 16th and can be streamed on HBOMax. Here is the teaser with series star, Bridget Everett.

Bridget Everett and Jeff Hiller in “Somebody, Somewhere”
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Improv is coming back

I have some improv shows coming back, and since my old improv theater died, it’s a bit confusing. My team “The Curfew” will be doing shows at Improv Asylum. Link to tix here (though I won’t be in shows until July, but go anyway, they’re hilarious):

Then, the distant relative of ASSCAT, RaaaatScraps will be performing at Caveat on the Lower East Side. Fun fact! There is a streaming option! I will be in shows 8/1 and 8/22.

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If Deadline says it…

I got off of social media a year ago, and now I am in a Deadline article. That is a very specific type of modern pain, don’t you think? Check out the nice link about the show I am on. I play Bridget Everett’s best friend which has been my goal since roughly 2009!

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Jeff’s a writer baby.

During the pandemic, I decided to enter script contests with pilots I had written. It turns out I am a finalist on one of them! Very excited to be a finalist in the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship for my pilot “St. Paul”.

2021 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Finalists
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Designing Women Monologues, Yall!

I am excited to announce that “The Designing Women Monologues” was selected as a finalist for the “Yes And Laughter Lab” which highlights shows with themes of social justice. Just last week I was told that we are one of the 10 winners who get to go on to pitch to Hollywood folks and social service agencies. It’s an exciting opportunity and feels like it combines my creative career with my previous career as a social worker. Or maybe that’s too much? I don’t know, it’s a pandemic and I needed a nice thing to happen so this is that nice thing, okay? Many thanks to the Laughter Lab and also my director Laurie Woolery.

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Greif Bacon Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from my solo show “Grief Bacon” that I did at Joe’s Pub as part of my 2019-2020 residency (Miss Rona took away half my residency!). Enjoy!

Excerpt of Grief Bacon from Jeff Hiller on Vimeo.

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When Sunny Went Blue!

I am excited to be doing another online production with Justin Sayre’s merry troupe of camp makers. This month our show will premiere on Dynasty Typewriter’s site on August 14th at 8:30pm EST. “When Sunny went Blue” is a sendup of “Reversal of Fortune” and will also be the debut of the new false eyelashes I bought at Target. Get Tickets here:

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Escape from Virtual Island

I was part of this very funny audible original starring Paul Rudd, Amber Ruffin, Jack McBrayer and Paula Pell. I played something I’ve never played before. A gay waiter. What can I say? I STRETCH MYSELF AS AN ARTIST!

The show is really funny and written by John Lutz with direction from Peter Grosz. You can check it out Here .

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