I got to sing a song on Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh-McKenna’s brilliant show, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and I loved it.

This is the introduction video of my character “Phil” on the Ali Wentworth’s “Nightcap” which aired for two seasons on Pop TV.

A web series I wrote called “Long Distance” starring me and Maria Thayer, directed by Jon Mackey.

Episode 1 – “Logging On”

An “impromptu musical” from Improv Everywhere as seen on NBC’s Today Show. This was shot in Trump Tower long before the 2016 election. You can see Michael Cohen in the background at one point. Yikes.

“The Plane is Going Down” by Ryan Scott Oliver at his songbook release party at Joe’s Pub in NYC.

And here is my track from the Cast Album of the City Center Encore’s production of Lady, Be Good! This is a duet with the supremely talented Kirsten Wyatt.

Here is a fun American Airlines spot.