My new web series!

I wrote a new web series called “Long Distance” starring me and Maria Thayer and directed by Jon Mackey. There are six in total, so subscribe to our channel to see when new ones come out!

And Episode 2!

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Playbill Article!

A lovely “Cue and A” from about me and Shakespeare in the Park! You can read about it HERE!

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Shakespeare in the Park

I will be back in New York City this summer doing “Love’s Labors Lost” in Central Park as a part of the Public Theatre’s historic Shakespeare in the Park. It’s a really great show and its been musicalized and re-imagined by Alex Timbers and Michael Friedman of “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson”. Here is a sample of the music!

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The Little Tin Man

I am in a new movie premiering at the Seattle Film Festival. Check out the trailer HERE!

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I am now in Los Angeles, but I am STILL doing Theatre. I can’t stop. How could I, when my favorite show that I have ever done is having its LA premiere. The Off-Broadway sensation has been running for more than a year and now it is running on both coasts. This cast is really special, so if you are in LA, come see the show. Tickets and other information can be found HERE.

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Best Friends Forever

Hilarious actors/writers/BFF’s Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair have created the hilarious TV show Best Friends Forever. I was recently in an episode, but the entire series is online. Watch all of the episodes on Hulu and Save BFF!

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Puppies vs. Babies

I was on a show called “Puppies vs. Babies”. Yeah, that’s right. The CUTEST SHOW IMAGINABLE!!! And then we pitted them together so that no one left there without some hurt feelings. It really fed me need to be a bad parent. Here are some clips from the show that aired on Animal Planet in case you missed it. Just click on the word saddness.

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I was on Community! Here is the link to the episode on Hulu. I am only in the opening teaser, so you don’t even have to watch the whole episode!

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Death Valley

I am in this weeks episode of Death Valley (titled Tick, Tick BOOM!). Its re-running on MTV this week and can be found online here. I’m only in the first section before the credits, so if zombies are scary, you can just watch that part and its not too SPOOKY! This show is scary, but its also hilarious and stars Charlie Sanders, my former team mate on UCB Harold team “Police Chief Rumble”. That’s the sound of the police.

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West Side, Baby.

I have moved! I am now a bi-coastal actor living a large part of the year in Los Angeles, CA! I have become very LA in a short period of time (I’m on my third spray tan in as many days).

Also, we are putting up The Last Resort at the UCB Theatre in LA. The show is October 12th at 8PM and it promises to be just as funny on the left coast! If you are in Los Angeles, please come out and see the show!

Reservations and information are available RIGHT HERE!

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